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GOAT Wellness | Chicago


GOAT Wellness offers cutting edge, holistic body treatments with the goal of transforming clients into the best versions of themselves.

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GOAT Wellness _ Chicago _ Cryotherapy.jpeg
GOAT Wellness _ Chicago _ Cryotherapy.jpeg
GOAT Wellness _ Chicago _ Cryotherapy.jpeg
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When it comes to wellness, we're happy to help you find what treatments are best for you. 

Request a consultation or schedule a doctor designed lymphatic function screen to learn what modalities can help you.

GOAT Wellness Lindsey Williams
GOAT Wellness | GOAT Chicago | Beauty and The GOAT

Hi, I’m Lindsey.
GOAT Founder

I have been a personal trainer for over 15 years.  As much as I am a believer in utilizing workouts and a healthy diet to optimize health and appearance, sometimes they are not enough.  Quite often a client will come to me exasperated, because they are doing everything they can but cannot improve a certain "trouble area" of their body or even their overall appearance.  Now with body contouring techniques, specifically Cryoskin and Endosphères, I have an answer for clients to specifically address either their stubborn areas or decrease their overall body cellulite.  In addition, I bring a unique perspective as I have personally struggled with body swelling and inflammation for many years which allows me to offer clients first hand experience on how these treatments have benefited me and can also help them.  I truly believe that body contouring techniques, such as Cryoskin and Endospheres, are the third piece of the puzzle for maximizing holistic health, along with regular workouts and a healthy diet. 


"I don't know how I lived so long without Cryoskin in my life. This is worth every penny!! I feel the best I have felt in years.”

“Explanation of process was thorough and all my questions were answered. The result even after just one treatment was amazing! I already referred 2 friends”

“I lost 1.25 inches on my stomach and love handle section after one slimming treatment. It was such a pleasant experience and I highly recommend.”

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GOAT Wellness

351 W. Chicago Ave.

Chicago, IL 60654

Located in Beauty and The Goat



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