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How does an infrared sauna cause fat loss?

Infrared sauna fat loss is easy, enjoyable, and relaxing. Infrared heat has been used for overall wellness for many years, fat loss is one of its many benefits.

Infrared sauna for fat loss.

Unlike traditional saunas which heats the air, infrared saunas use advanced therapy to directly heat the body with only a small percentage of heat heating the air. The wavelengths of infrared heat have the potential to penetrate 1.5 to 2 inches into the body. The infrared heat causes natural detoxification to help eliminate toxins. Toxins in the body can interfere with fat loss and cause fatigue, muscle aches and pains, and lead to many different skin reactions.

Amongst many toxins, two common toxins that hinder fat loss are obesogens and Bisphenol-A (BPA). Obesogens is an endocrine-disrupting chemical which cause weight gain. They are known to increase the number of fat cells, or the amount of fat stored within the cells. Obesogens are currently found in many of our daily products, such as, personal care products, cosmetics, cleaners, toys, kitchen utensils, plastic curtains and tablecloths, soft furnishings, furniture, mattresses, and clothes. Another common toxin, BPA, is an industrial chemical used in manufacturing plastics. Research suggests that BPA imitates the body’s natural hormones and disrupts their function. BPA mimics estrogen which allows it to bind to estrogen receptors to influence normal body processes, such as, reproduction, fetal development, growth, and cell repair. BPA plastic is found in many common consumer items, including reusable water bottles, plastic food containers, baby bottles, and sports equipment.

Infrared saunas sweat process to eliminate toxins.

As you can see, toxins are all around us. When a fat cell becomes toxic the toxins can keep the body from eliminating fat, even when you are eating very healthy and exercising. Infrared saunas get the toxins out of the fat cells, and the toxins can be eliminated through the body’s largest organ, the skin. This process gives meaning to “sweating it out.” Keep in mind, sweat can release toxins but it’s not its primary job. The lymphatic system is considered the bodies detoxification system, along with the kidneys and liver. Sweat is a consequence of our bodies keeping us cool, so don’t judge your infrared sauna session (or your workouts) by how much you sweat.

Studies have shown when infrared saunas are used 3 times a week for 30 minutes per session, the average loss of body fat is 4%. Regular infrared sauna not only cause fat loss, they can be used to decrease stress which helps balance cortisol levels and metabolism. There is no limit to how many infrared sauna sessions you can do a week. If you are hydrated and healthy, you can use an infrared sauna every day.

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