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How does fluid retention affect cellulite?

Best cellulite treatment

Fluid retention, also known as water retention or edema, affects cellulite and can impact how we look and feel. It occurs when excess fluid builds up inside the body. It mostly occurs in the circulatory system or within tissues and cavities. Common signs of fluid retention are swelling in the hands, stomach, feet, ankles, and legs. It can be a persistent problem or triggered by sitting for long periods of time (like traveling) or during hot and/or humid weather.

Fluid retention causing cellulite.

Another annoyance fluid retention may impact is cellulite. Fluid retention does not cause cellulite, but it makes the appearance of cellulite more prominent. The excess buildup of fluid in the tissue compromises the circulatory and lymphatic system which makes it harder to burn fat. The buildup of toxic substances in the tissues causes toxins to attach to fat cells and contributes to the appearance of cellulite. Reducing fluid retention in the body is key to preventing the formation of cellulite.

How does Endosphères Therapy help reduce fluid retention?

Lymphatic drainage treatment for cellulite and fluid rentention.

Endosphères Therapy, like a lymphatic drainage massage, helps to activate the lymphatic system and restore the body to a balanced state, also known as homeostasis. The Endosphères Therapy method carries out a pulsed and rhythmic action, which is capable of stimulating the interstitial stasis (edema) allowing us to intensify deep lymphatic drainage. It helps remove toxins and brings nutrients essential to cellular growth to the tissue. It increases both the circulatory system and lymphatic system. As the body begins to function better the appearance of cellulite improves. In addition to this, the shape of the body changes as the retained fluid releases. Some clients say they feel restored to their natural shape before aging and gravity made an appearance.

It is recommended to perform at least 2 Endosphères Therapy treatments a week for 6 weeks (minimum 48 hours between). Please make note, Endosphères Therapy is incredibly customized and determined by individual client’s physiology, concerns, and level of comfort. Depending on how much fluid and inflammation is present, clients may immediately notice they feel lighter and refreshed after one treatment.

It is a process, and assuming the cellulite didn’t recently appear, it may take several treatments for clients to visually see a change of appearance.

Lymphatic drainage results from Endosphères Therapy.

Studies have shown that the use of Endosphères Therapy, in conditions of interstitial stasis, is more effective than the application of manual lymphatic drainage alone, guaranteeing stable and lasting results over time.

Take a look at the thermographic assessment. The left column is before the first treatment, the middle column is 48 hours after the 6th treatment, and the right column is 48 hours after the 12th treatment. The thermal increase effect is the results of increased perfusion and oxygenation of the skin, of the increased metabolism of the tissues, of the breakdown of adipose aggregates and of the activation of the repairing anti-inflammatory processes of the tissue alterations present.

We like to call it body remodeling!

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