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How does lymphatic drainage with Endosphères Therapy help weight loss?

If you have been following a strict diet and exercise regimen and you’re not seeing the results you expected, a sluggish lymphatic system (the garbage disposal of our bodies) could be the problem. An efficient functioning lymphatic system is essential in our modern-day bodies, it not only helps our body operate more efficiently, it helps with weight loss. A great solution for a sluggish lymphatic system is Endosphères Therapy. Endosphères helps with weight loss by promoting lymphatic drainage.

Endospheres Therapy: Lymphatic Drainage Massage for Weight Loss

The lymphatic system is found under the skin throughout the entire body. It does not have a pump (unlike the circulatory system) and must move against gravity since we are upright. Stress, sitting too much, lack of activity, injuries, and poor posture can contribute to congestion which can make you feel sluggish making it difficult to achieve your weight loss goals.

Lymphatic drainage with Endosphères Therapy releases toxins and fluids that have built-up in the body. When your body is holding too many toxins, weight loss is more challenging. By focusing on lymphatic drainage with Endosphères Therapy, you can increase circulation, manage inflammation, and promote weight loss all in one go. Of course, it can take more than one session to see results.

Over time, the stagnation of toxins in the tissues can alter the state of extra cellular matrix (a network of macromolecules -including collagen and enzymes – which lend structural and biochemical support to surrounding cells) which can result in tissue alterations and fibrosis.

Since toxicity can play a huge roll in premature aging, losing or keeping excess weight off, the lymphatic system must be addressed when we are seeking optimal health.

To address these problems, Endosphères Therapy uses a natural technique, Compressive Microvibration, through a roller device that generates low-frequency mechanical vibrations to improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. This mechanism of Compressive Microvibration moves excess water and trapped toxins towards major lymphatic ducts, where they can be cycled out of the body via the lymphatic system.

Endosphères Therapy helps with weight loss.

Once lymphatic flow begins to improve (after several treatments), Endosphères Therapy not only helps with weight loss, it also has a body contouring effect. It uses the muscle as active resistance as the treatment area extends from the skin to the muscle. The wave produced by the application of Compressive Microvibration on the tissues breaks down fat fibroblasts. This allows for compression and remodeling of the localized tissue. The treatment also increases metabolism in difficult fat tissue.

Improvement of lymphatic drainage and remodeling of the tissue also creates homeostasis (a state of balance among the body systems). When there is homeostasis in the tissues of the body, the tissues will tend towards a natural aesthetic shape. Basically, the shape you think you should be before extra body fluid, loose skin, cellulite, and/or “aging” effects took place and changed the way your body looked.

Once the body reaches a state of homeostasis, like everything else, it does require maintenance (unless you’re genetically blessed). Keep in mind maintenance can be different for everyone.

Lymphatic system lymphatic ducts.

For most of us, learning about the lymphatic system and how to treat it may be a new discovery. If you are Googling how to treat the lymphatic system on your own you may come across some false information. Take note, the lymphatic system moves very slowly. It takes about 2 weeks for the lymphatic system to go through a full cycle of movement. Do not get excited and try too many treatments at once, you may overload the lymphatic system. You may not see improvements immediately; it is more gradual. You also may be told to move the lymph “towards the heart.” That is the general upward direction but it’s not 100% correct. To be precise, the two main lymphatic ducts are the right lymphatic duct and the thoracic duct. The right lymphatic duct, is located at the root of the neck and drains lymph from the upper right quadrant of the body. The second duct, the thoracic duct, located from T12 to the root of the neck, drains lymph from lower body, abdomen, and left side of the upper body.

Key take aways, lymphatic drainage massages may be the hero to your problems but it is a process that requires time and multiple treatments. Areas of congestion vary in each person. Do not overload the lymphatic system by doing too much at once and always remember there are two main lymphatic ducts (and many pathways). Once you relieve lymphatic congestion and have homeostasis, the body will have an optimal environment to thrive and it should improve metabolically, ultimately helping with weight loss.

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