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How does Cryotherapy help with inflammation?

Cryotherapy treats inflammation.

When you step into the Cryo Chamber that is -100ºF to -230ºF, the sudden drop in temperature triggers your survival instincts. As your skin reacts to the cold, your blood vessels constrict which causes the blood in the extremities to be pushed to the internal organs. The internal organs enrich the blood with oxygen, enzymes and nutrients. The immune system also starts to produce more white blood cells which boosts your immune system and reduces inflammation.

Cryotherapy improves immune system function.

As you exit the Cryo Chamber, your body begins to warm itself back up naturally. This results in a release of endorphins and your circulation improves as nutrient rich blood rushes from your internal organs to your extremities. The enriched blood prompts internal organ regeneration, expels toxins and starts other rejuvenation processes throughout your body.

If you would like to use whole body cryotherapy to help reduce inflammation, it is generally recommended to do whole body cryotherapy at least a few times a week to treat chronic inflammation.

History Fact: Cold therapy (or Cryotherapy) has been used since the beginning of recorded medical history, by the Egyptians, in the most ancient medical text known to man - at least so far!

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